Tim Bell

Professor Tim Bell is in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. He is involved with Computer Science Education AI is part of his teaching.


  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) (University of Canterbury)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (University of Canterbury)
  • 2013 ETH (Zurich, Switzerland) ABZ medal for CS Unplugged
  • ACM SIGCSE Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education
  • Inaugural New Zealand Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award
  • Inaugural New Zealand Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award (2002)
  • Erskine Fellowship (China, Sweden, USA and Canada)
  • Erskine Fellowship (Korea, China)
  • Erskine Fellowship to Korea and China, 2009
  • Erskine Grant (28/03/98-06/05/98). Data Compression Conf. Utah, Edinburgh Int.Science Festival, Middlesex Uni.

Research Interests

Research interests include computer science education, compression, and computers and music.

  • Computer Science education
  • Text compression
  • Algorithms
  • Computer music

To see Tim’s research please go to his University of Canterbury research page.