Oliver Batchelor

Dr Oliver Batchelor is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury working with UC Vision.

He is interested in a wide range of computer science fields, but specialises in computer graphics and deep learning and has particular interests functional programming and computer vision, in particular neural networks for various kinds of object detection.

When not stuck in front of a keyboard he enjoy the outdoors and keeping fit, which is why Christchurch is such a great place to be – trail running, road cycling and rock climbing are favourite activities from the past few years.

His PhD thesis was ‘Verification based annotation for visual recognition’ where he developed methods for training object detectors interactively with human assistance where annotation and training occurred together using human verification to guide the training process.

Oliver’s research areas are largely in computer vision: object detection with convolutional neural networks and visual recognition, forms of stereo and 3D reconstruction. he also has a wide range of interests including functional programming and functional reactive programming (programming with events).