Diane Proudfoot

Diane is Professor of Philosophy at UC. With Jack Copeland and Richard Green, she created the UCAI group, organized the first UCAI conference in 2020, and gave the first UCAI Ada Lovelace Lecture, also in 2020. She is co-founder and permanent international fellow of the Turing Centre Zürich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich. In 2016 she was a fellow of the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies and in 2018 the John Findlay Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Boston University. Diane’s current research is on Alan Turing and Turing-computability, the philosophy and history of AI, philosophy of language and logic, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. She is working on a volume on Turing and Wittgenstein (for Oxford University Press), a Philosophies special issue presenting new developments in Turing studies, a monograph on Wittgenstein’s philosophy of mind and language, and another on Turing’s life and work traced through 1940s and 1950s media. She is also writing a book on the cognitive science of religion (for Blackwell).

For more information on Diane’s research, please visit her University of Canterbury Research page.